Capturing information on technology convergence, international collaboration, and knowledge flow from patent documents: A case of information and communication technology

February 14, 2024 3:48 pm Published by

In addressing persistent gaps in existing theories, recent advances in data-driven research approaches offer novel perspectives and exciting insights across a spectrum of scientific fields concerned with technological change and the socio-economic impact thereof. The present investigation suggests a novel approach to identify and analyze the evolution of technology sectors, in this case, information and communications technology (ICT), considering international collaboration patterns and knowledge flows and spillovers via information inputs derived from patent documents.
The objective is to utilize and explore information regarding inventors’ geo-location, technology sector classifications, and patent citation records to construct various types of networks. This, in turn, will open up avenues to discover the nature of evolutionary pathways in ICT trajectories and will also provide evidence of how the overall ICT knowledge space, as well as directional knowledge flows within the ICT space, have evolved differently. It is expected that this data-driven inquiry will deliver intuitive results for decision makers seeking evidence for future resource allocation and who are interested in identifying well-suited collaborators for the development of potential next-generation technologies. Further, it will equip researchers in technology management, economic geography, or similar fields with a systematic approach to analyze evolutionary pathways of technological advancements and further enable exploitation and development of new theories regarding technological change and its socio-economic consequences.

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