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REALLOCATE transforms streets into inclusive, green, safe and future-proof urban spaces, where communities live and thrive. The project enables researchers, mobility experts,  urban planners and local citizens to collectively re-imagine our cities and redesign how we move from one place to another.

REALLOCATE is a four-year project (May 2023 – April 2027) funded by the European Commission that catalyses change in mobility practices. Together with relevant stakeholders, the project team develops integrated and innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions, enabling European cities to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas, and inspire other cities to replicate and adapt the developed solutions to their own contexts.

REALLOCATE is aligned with the climate neutrality goals of the Mission Cities 2030. It supports cities in working towards their net-zero carbon objectives, and accelerates the development of integrated and innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions and  tools for  safe, inclusive and smart cities.

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